Hey there, I'm Jess! 


I spent most of my early to mid-twenties doing everything that I thought I was “supposed to do.” I went to college, got good grades, went on to get a good job...bought the house + the car. (you know, the usual)

From the outside it all looked pretty perfect, like my life was exactly where it should be. But that couldn’t have felt further from the truth. I felt a calling that I was meant for more but had no idea what that "more" was. All I knew was that sitting behind a desk, working for someone else's dream was NOT it!

The longer that I sat there, the less I felt like me + the more disconnected I felt with my life. I was ALWAYS dreaming of the day when everything would fall into place, as I struggled to find my purpose + feel confident in knowing who I was. Because the truth was that I had NO idea who that was. 


Until one day when driving home from work having a conversation with my mom when I said: "if this is all that is meant for my life, I feel like I am wasting mine." 16 of the most profound words that I had ever said in my life. It was from that moment that EVERYTHING changed. I knew that I could no longer live a life where I struggled to find happiness while never feeling fully fulfilled. Because that's not living, that's just existing....And so I took the plunge and started my online business. 

When I first started my business, I was so focused on getting out of my 9-5 that I worried about needing to get “everything right.” I ended up copying ALL the top coaches and even used strategies + methods that I hated just because I was told that it “worked for them, it should work for me.” (aka: the WORST advice I have ever received from a coach) Yet I couldn’t understand why regardless of showing up consistently + doing everything I was told to, I struggledddd for years to make enough income to move into my business full time...until I showed my true self.

But being someone who was too scared to stand out in a crowd + allowed the opinions/judgement of others to hold me back, showing my true self wasn't as easy as I thought it would be. This is where the real work began + where I started to heal the fears, doubts + insecurities that held me back. I wasn't SETTLING anymore, and you don't need to either! 



Your madness is your magic

Once I was able to break through those beliefs I went ALL IN on myself  + my business. It’s this same attitude that has allowed me to showcase my personality online, say fuck it to the cooke cutter ways I was taught to do things + instead leaned into being the spiritual badass I was + doing things my way. 

It's this same journey that has lead me to my core mission: to empower+ support women to build their legacy! By utilizing the trifecta of mindset, spirituality + biz strategy = a booming business!!