009: How to Sell Without Selling on Social Media


Are you still searching for the secret? You know, that ONE piece to the puzzle that's been missing so that your business can finally take off. At this point in your entrepreneur journey it's beyond frustrating. Especially when you go on social media and see how people are moving into their businesses full time within months of starting it, or scaling to their first 6 figures in 6 months. While here you are doing the EXACT same things (and then some) and nadda..... But the problem is, you don't even know what the problem is. 

You are showing up consistently in your business, making posts, talking on your stories, starting conversations and talking about your offer, but getting clients is still a struggle. You're not new to the game so you are well aware of mindset work and limiting beliefs...you've done "the work." Still isn’t clicking and you are questioning if you are actually cut out for this. 

So what's standing in the way? 

What if the key to consistent clients and cash had less to do with your business strategy and more to do with the "YOU" strategy?

What if instead of trying to follow a formula you doubled down on FINDING YOUR OWN FORMULA?!

What if instead of worrying what people might think you sought to stand out, authentically and truly as yourself?! 

Which is EXACTLY what we are discussing today. How you can capitalize on the one thing that people buy first..and that my friend is YOU. Not your program, not your product, not your service. BUT YOU! And I'm going to show you how in THREE impactful different ways so that you can attract your ideal clients to you. 

In this episode we are going over:

  •  3 simple ways to sell on social media without ever feeling like you are selling 
  • #1 Rule of the Awakened Entrepreneur - we don't chase we attract our ideal clients 
  • How to attract your ideal clients through your content that show up in your DM's NEEDING to BUY what you have 
  • The main reasons why you are having trouble selling your offer 
  • The fundamentals of building an offer that sells itself 
  • When content pillars are BS and making you blend in instead of stand out 
  • My exclusive LEGACY STATEMENTS formula that will set you apart from any other coach 
  • You heard it first - - details about my NEW program the AWAKENED ENTREPRENEUR 


Do you feel like you have hit a rut in your business? You are showing up consistently and doing the work but you're still waiting for the day when your business will take off? Regardless of all you are doing you still constantly question what makes you standout and why someone should hire you over any other coach? Which only makes it that much harder to believe in yourself and your business. 

Want to know the secret to getting consistent clients and cash so you can go ALL IN on your business? Capitalizing on what sets you apart and how you do things differently than anyone else in your industry. Because the truth is you are unlike any other coach and the moment that you find your magic, is the moment that you create the momentum that allows your business to take off.

Which is EXACTLY what I am guiding you through in my new 4 month program - the AWAKENED ENTREPRENEUR! CLICK HERE to apply and get ready to watch as your impact and income increases month after month! 


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