Woke + Worthy

Who will you be four months from now? Let's find out.

To feel confident AF while creating a life + biz that makes your SOUL COME ALIVE!!!
To the woman who feels like:
  • You KNOW that you are meant for more, but no matter what you always seem to be the one standing in the way of your own success 
  • You constantly compare yourself to others and each time you do you feel like you are falling behind 
  • You often doubt what you are capable of while struggling to believe in yourself + what's possible for you 
  • You constantly overthink every decision you make, while often looking to other's to help you make the "right one"
  •  You have accomplished a lot in your life but regardless of all of your achievements it never feels like enough...you are always asking "what's next?" 

*You want to be able to believe in yourself the way that everyone else does* 

How would your life change if this were your reality?

  • You woke up every single day ready to take action on creating your dream life while KNOWING that it is already yours
  • You are able to stop beating yourself up and finally become the HYPE girl that you have been needing all along 

  • Imagine if… you had a concrete, easy-to-follow plan to give you the confidence to go ALL IN on building your dream business 

  • Close your eyes + imagine your life if you could FINALLY feel deserving of your goals + TRUST that they are coming to you easily + effortlessly. Now open your eyes - because you have created a life you are obsessed with!! 

If any of this sounds like a dream, I want you to know that it’s 100% possible for you. And I know that, because I’ve been exactly where you are now and have created a step by step system so that you can stop self sabotaging your success, build your belief in yourself while taking massive action to build your dream life!

That’s why I can't wait to introduce you to Woke + Worthy!
If you're ready to create a life + biz that you are OBSESSED WITH!



I'm going to let you in on a secret of building a business that NO ONE is talking about. 

Your business is only ever as good as your mindset! The longer that you try to define your success by how much money your business is making, the more you will struggle to feel successful at all!

You aren't successful because of your business. What makes your business successful IS YOU! 

Your worth has NOTHING TO DO WITH: how much money you make, how many clients you have, how many people follow you on social media or how many likes or views your content gets. 


You are innately worthy of love, success, abundance, joy + happiness simply for the fact that you exist. 

And you owe it to yourself to finally BELIEVE that! 

When you implement my proven method...

Measuring your success by what you have been able to accomplish, while never feeling like you are doing enough
Knowing that worth has nothing to do with what you have accomplished + everything to do with WHO YOU ARE! (and for the first time you know exactly who that is)

Constantly doubting yourself and questioning if things will work out
Believing in yourself fully and completely while knowing that you will NEVER give up on yourself or your desires (with the business to prove it)

Feeling like you just need someone to tell you what to do so that you can start seeing success in your business
Having complete confidence in yourself, your business + your offers, while attracting clients with ease
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If you're ready to go from self conscious to commanding confidence, but you need someone who's been there done that to guide the way...

I created Woke + Worthy for you! 

Feel empowered + confident AF to pursue a life + business that brings you joy & makes your soul come alive
So, what is Woke + Worthy anyways?

Woke + Worthy is a powerful 4 month experience that guides you to heal self doubt, release any fears and breakthrough patterns of self sabotage that have been holding you back in your life and business. W+W is a step by step process that helps you uncover the magnitude of who you are so you can feel worthy AF pursing a life beyond your wildest desires...because you deserve it!!


By the end of the program, you’ll…

  • Feel PROUD of yourself for everything that you have been through and all that you have accomplished. You have finally recognize how remarkable you truly are 
  • Stop seeking outside validation or needing approval from other's + finally trust yourself + your actions for a change 
  • Start building a life that you want (not what your parents want, what you think you "should" do, or what society tells you to) but one that lights you the f*ck up!
  • A deeper connection to yourself, your business/career, and the life that you are creating. You have finally embodied what alignment actually feels like + your life has never felt so easy 

No more struggling. No more worrying. No more wasting time.

Here's how the program breaks down...

Root Chakra 

In module one, you’re going to:

  • Understand the situations/circumstances that are causing you the most stress so you can stop living life in a constant state of stress + anxiety 
  • Transform your money mindset from lack + scarcity to wealth 
  • Stop constantly worrying about your business every second of the day + finally create a work life balance 

Sacral Chakra 

In module two, you’re going to:

  • Powerfully understand how to work through your emotions so they no longer consume you, or feel like you need to supress them. The key to making more money is feeling more
  • Heal the relationship with your body so you can FINALLY feel at home in your own skin 
  • Stop being the person that you think you "should" or "need" to be and UNLEASH the most authentic AF version of you that attracts ideal clients to you 

Solar Plexus Chakra 

In module three, you’re going to:

  • Feel confident AF showing up online + sharing your business without the fear of judgement 
  • Build an unshakeable TRUST within yourself + your business which is the key to your business feeling EASY 
  • Finally set boundaries in your life + business so you can stop feeling exhausted all the time 

Heart Chakra 

In module four, you’re going to learn:

  • Understanding masculine + feminine energy and how to incorporate it to work less while making more
  • Rekindle the love that you have for yourself which directly impacts the money that you make in your business 
  • A powerful practice to to give + receive in equal balance so you can 10x the amount you are making 

Throat Chakra 

In module five, you’re going to learn:

  • Harness the power + confidence in your voice so you can say exactly what you want to say online without worrying what other's might think 
  • My Words Unsaid process so you can stop overthinking  past situations/ conversations + give your mind peace 
  • Show up as the most authentic AF version of yourself while writing content that has never felt more like you 

Third Eye Chakra  

In module six, you’re going to learn:

  • How to connect to your intuition while allowing it to guide you in your business
  • Release the high standards you set for yourself so you can FEEL PROUD + ACCOMPLISHED in your business 
  • Understanding the failures you have experienced in your life see how they have MADE you + didn't break you 

Crown Chakra 

In module seven, you’re going to learn:

  • How to attract your dream clients + money quicker than you ever have before 
  • Have complete clarity on who you are, who you are meant to serve, how build you want to build your biz + EXACTLY how to get there 
  • How to live life from your heart center. Creating a life of BLISS, LOVE + FREEDOM! ❤️
My proven four step method is foolproof + gets incredible results...

The first step to building a 6+ figure business is understanding why you feel like you are standing in your way and how the hell do you get out of it. It's time to UNLEASH the 6 figure entrepreneur that YOU ARE! 


A sacred and divine practice that allows you to see all the parts of you that feel like you are not enough. When you change your stories, you change your life. First you need to understand what the stories are for why feel like you can't have what you desire more.  We are rewriting your beliefs so that your sabotage cycle ends here. 


The most important (and often overlooked part) is taking inspired action towards your dreams, goals + desires. We are anchoring in to this next level version of you who knows your desires are already yours. 


Alignment is the full embodiment of your highest, most confident + divine self. This is where everything comes together effortlessly as you tap into how abundant life gets to be. There is nothing that you cannot BE, DO or HAVE!

Enroll in Woke + Worthy today!
Choose the best plan for you...
  • 8 Group Calls  (Valued at $2000)
  • 30 In Depth Training Videos (Valued at $5000)
  • Custom Workbooks + Exercises for each training video (Valued at $1000)
  • 12 Guided Meditations (Valued at $600)
  • 7 EFT Tapping Videos (Valued at $1500)
  • Private Slack Channel w/Daily Support (Valued at $2000)
  • Guest Coaching Calls (Valued at $500)
  • LIFETIME ACCESS to Program + Group of Like Minded Women (PRICELESS)
Ready to FAST TRACK your BREAKTHROUGH? Join Woke + Worthy with a 1:1 mentorship. What you'll get:

4, 1:1 calls 

Ready to deep dive into YOU?! Here we are understanding what is it is that you want, how you have been holding yourself back from achieving it, while creating your personal road map to make it yours! This is where mindset + spirituality meet strategy! No more questioning if your goals are meant for you, it's time to take them! 

($4000 value)

 Private Voxer Access

✅ Accountability

✅ Daily Support

Receiving + aligning with your goals has never been so easy! WIth the 1:1 mentorship you get daily unlimited access to support  on your journey. You are getting the support when you need it in REAL TIME. Think of voxer as the best kept secret to fast track the life of freedom you've been dreaming of!

($2000 value)

  • Everything included in the Woke + Worthy Group Experience (Valued at $12,600)
  • 4, 60 minute 1:1 Calls (Valued at $3000) 
  • 4 Months of Private Voxer Access/Coaching (Valued at $2000)

I'm Your Mentor, Jess.

When I first started building my business I focused only on the business strategy. I was so focused on wanting to go into my business full time that I thought that is exactly what I needed to get me there. 

Two years later and over $40K invested in business coaching I was still sitting in my cubicle in my 9-5 while feeling completely defeated. As an overcoming perfectionist and A-Type I followed every strategy they gave me TO A TEE! Each time that I saw someone else's business take off while I struggled to sign clients I questioned what was wrong with me. 

Because of this I constantly second guessed myself, my business and if I even had what it takes to be an entrepreneur. It was here that I FINALLY discovered what it is that was holding me back. It wasn't that I wasn't doing enough, it wasn't that I wasn't showing up enough, it wasn't that my business sucked....

It's that I didn't believe in myself and my business as a result. 

And THAT is when everything changed! It wasn't until I could see the ways that I was sabotaging my success that I was finally able to support myself through it. Our minds are wired for SAFETY not success. But that doesn't mean that you can't be successful. It just means that you have to understand why it doesn't feel safe for you in the first place. And that RIGHT THERE was the key to unlocking my multi 6 figure business. Which means that if I can do it, so can you!


Are you a perfect fit?

  • You know deep down that you are meant for something more but you don't know what's standing in the way of you achieving it 
  • You are ready to stop giving a f*ck what other people think and no longer allow their opinions to control what you do (or don't do) 
  • You are ready to go ALL IN on your business + finally have the freedom of time + money that you desire 
If any of these sounds like you, keep reading, because you’re exactly where you need to be.
I can't wait to welcome you into Woke + Worthy!
If you're ready to know who you are..


This journey has never been about finding yourself. You've already found yourself, you are with you everyday. It always has and will always be about KNOWING who you are. 

When you can know without a shadow of doubt who it is that you are, THAT is when you create a life that aligns with who that is. THAT is the secret to creating your desires. 

Your ultimate FREEDOM lies in knowing who you are.

Ready to find who that is? 

If you're still reading, there's something holding you back.
You may be asking yourself...
Have some questions still? Book a call to speak with Jess 1:1 + see if this is in alignment with you!
Enroll in Woke + Worthy Today!
Choose the best plan for you...
  • 8 Group Calls  (Valued at $2000)
  • 30 In Depth Training Videos (Valued at $5000)
  • Custom Workbooks + Exercises for each training video (Valued at $1000)
  • 12 Guided Meditations (Valued at $600)
  • 7 EFT Tapping Videos (Valued at $1500)
  • Private Slack Channel w/Daily Support (Valued at $2000)
  • Guest Coaching Calls (Valued at $500)
  • LIFETIME ACCESS to Program + Group of Like Minded Women (PRICELESS)